Aamra Vinay is a struggling author of erotica who aspires to succeed.

Garam Masala A newly married couple is living a blissful life. their happiness is short-lived when old couple casts a black magic spell

Manmaniyan Dev Kumar, a middle-aged man, is feeling lost and unfulfilled in his life. He is stuck in a dead-end job, and his marriage is in shambles. 

CHULL A young couple and their respective parents lived together in the same house. The son had a secret relationship with his mother-in-law. 

Dream Girl Two sisters named Rani and Lata are the focus of the story's progression. Rani is a straightforward homemaker who enjoys her life. 

Gaon Ki Garmi Neha quickly finds herself entangled in Raju, Jeth, and her mother's net of enthusiasm and desire.